Just Forbidden!

This is life -live it well, he said to the man and the woman, giving them a run
Of paradise: This is your home, your kingdom, yours to do as you please: have fun
Be of good cheer; romance the rivers and the mountains: chase the sun
Across the skies: Do as you please –love, multiply, live, but for condition only one
-See that tree by the river, he said, -hidden and away from the rest, all said and done,
Stay away from the tree, -further away from the fruits that so lovingly beckon;
They are not for you. Why? –They are not for you -or you, they are just forbidden.
The kingdom lay in front of their gaze, wonderful and inviting, the souls had won
Heaven without a price. This is not life, this is not everything, said the woman
-Agreed the man. Of what use this heaven, this paradise, this lovely garden of Eden
if we are kept away from the most precious of all? All through night, day and morn,
They allowed their thoughts, their needs, desires and longing to ferment and churn
And soon thereafter, led by their right, they did it and then, when the deed was done
They knew it was just another fruit, made so much sweeter in being, just forbidden.

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